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My name is Kim-- I am married with 3 amazing boys!  Carter is 19, Brody is 15, and Aiden is 13!  These 3 boys are my life.  They keep us plenty busy with football, wrestling, and baseball along with making sure they are finding time for their fishing, hunting, skiing & snowboarding hobbies along with just being kids.  Through this business, I have been able to teach my kids many lessons along the way!

I LOVE getting to know your families.  Whether it's all of you, your kiddos, or your babies that have grown into adulthood & are capturing them for their seniors pictures.  I take my business serious and will never walk away from a session not feeling confident..   So please know if your kids are having an 'off' day-- I've been there too & I will do whatever it takes to make sure we get something & if not-- we can meet again!  :-) Having my own kids makes me appreciate capturing yours that much more!  I like to have fun w/ the kids during my sessions & will do what it takes to get them to warm up to me.


When I'm behind the camera, I'm seeing what you can't.  I see the dirty looks your kids give you or the annoyed look mom gives dad when he's not cooperating or making it more difficult just being the 'guy' (no offense dads)..    but I also see the love between families that you might not be feeling in that moment.  I see the love between couples as they watch the other interact with the kids. I see the smiles and love that kids have with their siblings or their parents when mom or dad aren't looking..   and I CAPTURE all of these moments!

I love being a part of what goes on your wall and what you pack away and someday look through again.    I've been a part of capturing newborns, kiddos, engagement, families, seniors, family gatherings, and sadly, I've captured grief as well.  SO-- with all that said, I do WANT to know your story, it helps me understand you and your family more & helps me bring out your personalities. 


Thank you!